The Management

V. N. Kabadi


V. N. Kabadi is a serial entrepreneur, seasoned businessman and a visionary. He is the Founder the Intech Group. Mr. Kabadi laid the foundation of the Intech Group more than three decades ago with an entrepreneurial venture in India in the industrial chemical market. Prior to this entrepreneurial venture, Mr. Kabadi, an engineer by education, had spent over 18 years in senior management positions at multi-national and prominent firms such as IBM, TATAS, Godrej, Hind Rectifiers Ltd. From his first entry into the industrial chemical market, Mr. Kabadi has grown the Intech Group into a cluster of ventures in the sectors of specialty chemicals, electronics, engineering and renewable energy.

Aakash Khaunte and Gaurav Khaunte


Aakash and Gaurav, belong to the second generation of the entrepreneurs of ALCON – Anil Counto Enterprise Group based in Goa. Aakash, with Gaurav having honed his further management skills from US university, are now in control of ALCON group, helmed by Mr N S N Counto who is the Founder and Chairman of the group. ALCON operates in diverse verticals of Manufacturing, Hospitality, Trading, Logistics and Real Estate. It has strong presence in Cement, Ready Mix Concrete, Green Concrete products, Hotels and Resort, river logistics and manufacture of patented products developed at its R&D facilities for construction Industry. Its R&D lab is DSIR recognised entity. The Group is having DNA of research and development of unique products and is always been a pioneer in many ideas that were converted to successful businesses.


Imeco Team at the plant is well experienced in the cleaning and solvant field with decades of experience. Business development, marketing and design concepts are handled by the experts, who have enriched industrial experience of more than two decades in various fields in industry, like Project Engineering, Project Planning and Control, Special Purpose Machines conceptualisation, project designs and marketing in cleaning machines. IMECO experts impart their knowledge and experience to the production shop floor and functions of Planning, Supply chain, Accounts and HR. This Team is backed by experts of the ALCON Group in Finance and Strategic Decision making.