There are 3 forces that help us in cleaning a component:

  1. Chemical force
  2. Thermal force
  3. Mechanical force

Chemical Force:

Selection of proper ultrasonic cleaning fluids is an important factor for component cleaning. The solution selected must break the bond between the contamination and the component surface making it easier for the ultrasonic waves to detach the contamination off the surface. If the solution is incompatible with the type of contamination, proper cleaning will not be achieved.

Thermal Force:

The hotter the cleaning bath, the better the cleaning effectiveness.

However, the upper limit for the temperture is set by the make of the component and also by the cost of elecricity consumption for heating the cleaning media.

The optimum temperature for most of the applications ranges from 60 to 70 degC.

Mechanical Force:

This is the mechanical agitation that removes the contamination off the surface of the component.

The best mechanical force for component cleaning is ultrasonic (by the means of cavitation process). The other forces that IMECO uses are “Spray cleaning” , “Immersed flood washing” , “Basket dunking”, “Basket rotation”, “agitation” etc.