1. High-Quality Ultrasonic Transducers: IMECO ultrasonic transducers are made of the top-quality piezoelectric crystals. While the material cost to produce these transducers is high, they have a much longer operational life cycle thus delivering value to our clients.
  2. High-Quality Ultrasonic Generator Components: IMECO ultrasonic generators are made with MOSFET transistors and other high-quality components that are specially designed keeping continuous manufacturing in mind. Ultrasonic transducers are rated by their power output. It is measured by watt density, as power/volume or watts/ltrs. Depending on the part complexity, our engineers select the appropriate transducer wattage required for effective cleaning.
  3. Thick-Gauge Stainless Steel: IMECO uses thicker gauge of steel for it’s stainless steel ultrasonic tanks allowing it to withstand the long-term impact of ultrasonic vibrations.
  4. Shot blasted and hard chrome plated tank: IMECO ultrasonic tanks are shot blasted and are also undergone hard chrome plating. This is done to increase tank life, create effective bonding of the transducers and to have better efficiency of ultrasonics.