When designing a cleaning machine, the most important factor is the level of cleanliness required.

Some of our clients want “zero-residue” cleaning where no contamination of any kind is to be seen visually and sometimes even under a microscope.

Some clients are okay with water spots on the components.

Rinsing process post Ultrasonic cleaning is required for the applications which demands “zero-residue” cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning and agitation will detach the contamination from the part. There is a probability that a small amount of contamination will settle back on the component. This is the contamination that the rinsing process removes.

The type of water used to rinsing also plays a key role in the cleaning achieved. Water marks are seen when the water evaporates leaving behind the minerals that it had. If the tap water has high TDS, that can result in water marks. In this case, it is recommended to use deionized water for the purpose of cleaning.