The filtration system of the cleaning machine is a module that is used to clean the cleaning media used in the ultrasonic chamber.

When the components are cleaned in the ultrasonic cleaning chamber, the contamination from the part is detached, thus dirtying the medium. This has the potential of re-contaminating the parts.

The filtration system continuously pumps out the cleaning media from the ultrasonic chambers and forces it to pass through filter cartridges or filter bags. These strain the cleaning fluid, trapping the contaminants and thus cleaning the medium.

The common misconception is that if the water is dirty, then it should be filtered. But the filtration system can’t handle a high level of contamination without getting clogged.

In such cases where the level of contamination is high, the cleaning medium undergoes a primary filtration through an inlet strainer mesh and baffles arrangement for settling the contamination.

Depending on the type and the level of contamination, IMECO designs the appropriate filtration system for the client’s requirements.